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Household Pest Control

Studies specifically show that poor pest management can cause serious health issues. A report in the New England Journal of Medicine proved that cockroaches and mice contribute to asthma in children. Half a million people end up in the emergency room each year due to problems that could have been prevented with proper pest management, including stings, bites, asthma attacks, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, and more. For more information, go to Contact Guardian IPM Pest Control today to protect your home and family. Your health and the health of the environment are very important to us (for more see our Green Solutions page).

Pest Control in the home is the most effective way to protect your family.

Our goal at Guardian IPM Pest Control is to solve your pest problems while protecting the health of you, your family, and your pets. Please contact us for a free quote. We have several service plans to meet your need and budget.

Got Rats, Mice, Roaches or Squirrels? We can help!

At Guardian IPM Pest Control, your family’s peace of mind is important to us. Rat and mouse infiltration of a home or business is frightening and potentially dangerous. These creatures contaminate whatever they touch and are known carriers of many diseases. Guardian have the expertise, the training, and the tools to eliminate rodents from your living space and restore your peace of mind.

Environmentally Sensitive

You care about the quality of your personal space, and so do we. To that end, Guardian Pest Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management techniques. IPM is multi-step process of inspection, sanitation, exclusion, source reduction, and product application. It is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to controlling insects and rodents. IPM eliminates the target pest(s) and provides ongoing protection in ways that protect people, pets, and property.

What Can You Expect From Guardian Pest Control?

When you call Guardian Pest Control about a rodent problem, such as rats, roaches and mice, you can expect:

  • A friendly assistant to set up a home inspection at a time that is convenient for you.
  • An inspection by one of our trained professionals that will identify the pest(s) and determine the extent of your problem. This helps in devising a plan to eliminate the infestation and establish a long-term solution.
  • Our technician will give you a comprehensive Sanitation and Inspection Report identifying areas that contributing to your problem, as well as a remedial course of action. For instance, exclusion might be recommended, which involves covering or repairing rodent points of entry (holes, cracks, structural deficiencies) as well as cutting trees away from roof lines to reduce rodent access.
  • Finally, recommendations about use of any baiting and trapping products might be necessary to solve your problem. For rodents, this may involve placements in locked, tamper-proof bait stations, positioned strategically in crawl spaces, along the exterior foundation, or around Dumpsters.

Prompt, Helpful, and Friendly Service

Guardian IPM Pest Control is committed to prompt, friendly, and helpful service to the individual homeowner. When you call Guardian Pest Control, you can feel secure in knowing that you are getting high quality extermination services for your insect and rodent problems. Our experienced and knowledgeable pest control professionals care about you, your family, and your home.


All Maintenance agreements are fully guaranteed. In the event that you ever need an extra service between your regular services, please give us a call. We will make every attempt to service your account within 24 hours…Free of charge!

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