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Birds tend to nest and roost in the internal structures around your facility, contributing to a negative outward impression of your company. Their shed feathers and bird droppings, alongside the possibility of diseases being spread, can damage both your reputation and brand.

Pigeons and European Starlings are common sights in urban areas across America. Their droppings can stain building surfaces and damage paint on cars. These birds can also transmit diseases to humans through airborne fungi in their droppings. Guardian IPM Pest Control bird control programs can help you permanently guard against these costly dangers, protecting your employees, clients, and guests from harm.

The droppings of pigeons contain a fungus which produces an acidic secretion that will deface and slowly deteriorate surfaces such as the side of buildings, ledges, and sidewalks. The longer an infestation is in place, the more difficult it is to remove droppings and the more expensive it is to restore the corroded surfaces. Pigeons are also associated with many diseases in humans and domestic animals.

Some bird species are considered a real nuisance for businesses. Most pest birds gain entry into premises through loading bay areas or damaged roofing. They are known to:

  • Cause property damage by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering, building nests and leaving droppings that corrode building material.
  • Be aggressive and attack customers and employees, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young.
  • Carry fleas, mites, ticks, lice and other biting insects which can spread diseases and pose a serious health risk.

Adopting expert bird control measures sooner rather than later will ensure your business is protected against the hazards associated with pest birds.

At Guardian IPM Pest Control, we’re the experts in bird pest control. We have a wide range of discreet, cost-effective and humane control measures that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business.

Guardian’s Bird Control Services

Effective bird control requires the use of reliable and tested professional deterrents to ensure a long term solution to any pest bird problem.

Proper management can sometimes be complicated due to the severity of the problem and the location.

Factors which determine the best method of control include:

  • area of application
  • bird species
  • location
  • access

Our bird control and removal specialists are experienced in dealing with pest birds and undertake regular training on the best technologies and processes.

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