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Commercial Pest Control - Guardian IPM Pest Control

Commercial pest control should be a top priority for all businesses. Insect and rodent damage in business is absolutely staggering. In direct costs, the dollar amount exceeds $20 billion worldwide. This does not include the indirect and intangible costs associated with loss of customer confidence, poor employee morale, and a decline in productivity resulting from inadequate pest management service.

All it takes is just one pest to have a financial impact on your business, and a larger infestation could cripple your operation’s reputation. Pests can be brought in with every delivery of goods, every visit from the outside, indeed, every open door. Guardian IPM Pest Control’ Integrated Pest Management system will help you find the source of the problem, or better yet, prevent the problem before it occurs.

We understand how vital it is that your business always appears at its best before the discriminating public. We know that insect and rodent problems can cause severe financial harm to your business, as well as damage to the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. Guardian IPM Pest Control is structured to respond to all of your pest management needs with a superior level of professional service. We work very hard to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service, products, and people.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Upon arrival your technician will make contact with the “Site Manager” or “Owner” per customer preference. The technician will inspect and perform the service based on the inspection and type of business that we are servicing. If any interior treating is needed our technician will be happy to arrange treatment times to allow for maximum safety for the occupants. We offer to make suggestions for quality control and sanitation reports upon request. If requested, site logs can be left at the property that will give a history of our services.

When our service technician arrives to your property he will listen to your concerns and inspect the areas where you are having problems. Normally we inspect the interior and exterior of the property depending on the type of pest(s) to be controlled.

Interior Inspection consists of:

  • Kitchen area
  • Storage
  • Elevator rooms
  • Bar/restaurant sections
  • Restrooms
  • Interior drains
  • Checking floor base boards/warehouse foundation

Exterior Inspection consists of:

  • Checking exterior foundation
  • Entrances and exits
  • Yards/flowerbeds
  • Trash/dumpster areas.


All maintenance agreements are fully guaranteed. In the event that you ever need an extra service between your regular services, please give us a call. We will make every attempt to service your account within 24 hours…Free of charge!

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